SELANGOR, 9 AUG– Yayasan MRCB in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Council of Women’s Organisations Malaysia (KLSCWO) and Kelab Wanita Ikon Malaysia (KWIM) has established a sustainable business platform named ‘BURGERNITA’ to empower and improve the livelihoods of low-income single women.

‘BURGERNITA’ is a pilot project founded by Kelab Wanita Ikon Malaysia with an integrated business model to offer women from the B40 economic group the opportunity to run a burger stall business. The selected women will be given a physical burger stall with all the required equipment and provisions, and will be provided with training to run the business. Yayasan MRCB as the main project sponsor has been involved in various initiatives to aid single mothers over the years, with ‘BURGERNITA’ being the latest.

At the launch of the burger stalls in Serdang Jaya, themed “Daripada Wanita untuk Wanita”, 2 single mothers received their burger stalls, sponsored by Yayasan MRCB, in the presence of Y.B. Puan Juwairiya binti Zulkifli, ADUN Bukit Melawati and Political Secretary to the Chief Minister of Selangor together with Datin Jasmine Abdullah Heng, Chairperson of Yayasan MRCB and Puan Anita Aqeela Hiong, President of KLSCWO, as well as other Trustees of Yayasan MRCB, supporters and volunteers of this project.

“I am personally very excited with this ‘BURGERNITA’ project as it provides single mothers from the B40 group with an opportunity to earn an income for themselves and their families. While the project provides these women with much-needed funding, the training and mentoring will also enable them to build a more sustainable financial future. Yayasan MRCB strongly supports this initiative and will continue to assist single mothers through its other programmes to ease their burden.” shared Datin Jasmine Abdullah Heng, the Chairperson of Yayasan MRCB.